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Monday, July 28, 2008


Here is a website you should know about, since it appears to be an excellent spot for a mental pitstop, a place to attain brain gain with little pain: The PositScience slogan is, "Your brain will thank you." We like it. One program grad quoted on their site says that the PositScience program "expanded [his] brain power" and "sharpened [him] as an individual." High praise, indeed.

The first item featured on the PositScience site's Products list is the Brain Fitness Program Classic (TM), "Posit Science’s original program for the auditory system of the brain," which is now available for both the PC and the Mac OS X operating system. This program "features six computer-based exercises" that are "designed to speed up auditory processing, improve working memory, and encourage the brain to produce more of the chemicals that help it remember."

What results can one expect by using this Brain Fitness Program? The site cites "clinical trials that demonstrate it speeds up auditory processing by 131%, improves memory by an average of 10 years, and more." Sounds quite impressive. More information at

Another product featured on the website is InSight, "Posit Science’s program for the visual system of the brain." More information at

Programs such as those offered by PositScience are becoming increasingly important for seniors as average lifespans continue to increase every year. The media often touts the crucial role of physical exercise, and while it is certainly important, mental exercise is just as vital for maintaining a healthy life.

Just as mental fitness, via systems like those offered by PositScience, enables seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle well into their advanced years, protection systems like Life Alert also enable independence to be maintained. With a fit body, sharp mind and protection against emergencies, today's seniors can increasingly put off or even eliminate the need to move to retirement homes, and instead choose to keep living with independence in their own homes.

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