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Monday, November 27, 2006

RealAge Test Makes You Realize What's Really Important Re: Aging

or, Subject In Mirror May Be Younger Than They Appear

by Dr. Don Rose


The website offers a free test. They say that "Your RealAge is the biological age of your body based on over 100 factors – many that you control." I have heard this before, so it seems worth a try. The test's goal is to answer this question: are you biologically younger, older, or the same as your birthday age? Here is what they say you’ll get: (1) A personalized plan to feel younger, and (2) A list of what’s making you younger or older.

I like what this test is all about, for several reasons. First, it gets you in the mindset of "I am not a number" -- that age, as defined as "years since birth," is ultimately not important. Fitness level (mental and physical) is. If nothing else, finding out that you are really years younger (in biological terms) than your chronological age should give your happiness quotient a boost. And, coincidentally, that act of feeling happier happens to help your health, too. It's win-win.

Of course, if the test shows you are biologically older than your chronological age, well... you may feel a bit down for a bit, but let that kick you in the pants to do something about it. (The RealAge site, and some of the other articles on this blog, will hopefully help you in that regard.)

I also like the RealAge site's sidebar section -- their "DID YOU KNOW..." tips. One example: "Laughing often can make your RealAge 8 years younger." Which makes me wonder: if health insurers wanted a wonderful win-win -- healthier customers, and hence lower costs over time -- wouldn't more of them proactively pay for preventive procedures? Can't creative companies cover the cost of comedy clubs? Or Comedy Central on cable?


Dr. Don Rose writes books, papers and articles on many topics, including computers, the Internet, artificial intelligence, science and technology, and issues related to seniors.

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